She's well aquainted with the touch of the velvet hand

like a lizard on a window pane

Ivy is my real name ➷ So I got wings, like kotex
22 October
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Somehow they started to call me 'Milord'
I'm a 21 year old student, studying Asian Studies. Go figure. I have a deep love affair with Japanese Cinema of the so called 'golden age.' These include films by Ozu Yasujiro, Naruse Mikio, Kurosawa Akira, Mizogucih Kenji, Imamura Shohei, Ichikawa Kon, and Kinoshita Keisuke.

I guess you could say I'm like Colorado's weather, unpredictable, though sometimes I think flaky is more appropriate. But who cares? I'm just a vagabond, trying to find my way. ADD ME!.

I used to work out of tably but i was high time for a new journal.
Hey I love to RP here at fallenpedestals, it's the shit. Come and join, you know you want to.
If you are the artist of the work in the profile tell me!
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